Giveaway: You Don’t Have to Be a Superhero to Change the World

UTF-8'en-us'9781470723637Welcome to Day Two of three consecutive days of giveaways. In the past week, I’ve celebrated the release of three books to which I’ve had the honor of contributing. Today’s giveaway is a copy of You Don’t Have to Be a Superhero to Change the World: 52 Devotions for People Who Are Making a Difference. I hope today’s excerpt encourages and challenges you. If you’d like to read more (or give this book as a gift), simply leave a comment on the blog or Facebook. I’ll contact the winners at the end of the week. Remember to check back tomorrow for one more giveaway!

Hot Service

“And I have been a constant example of how you can help those in need by working hard. You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”—Acts 20:35

We put on our “Church Ladies” shirts, loaded the van with bottled water, and headed out to serve. It was a scorching summer day, exactly the kind of day we wanted. We knew there were plenty of people who didn’t have the option to get out of the heat, and if we could help by giving them a refreshing drink and a smile, we were going to do it.

We started in our small town and immediately found two men replacing some tile on a walkway. They wondered why we were out on such a hot day just to hand out water, but once we explained, they welcomed the short break…and even invited us to finish their job and let them deliver water instead!

After sharing water with others working outdoor jobs throughout our town, we decided to take the rest of the water to a nearby city, knowing we’d find more people to serve. We started in a low-income housing project where most everyone was sitting outside trying to escape the rising indoor heat without air conditioning. We made sure to ask parents before sharing with children and gave extra bottles to those willing to deliver to family members who were inside. While some might have warned we weren’t in a safe neighborhood, we were confident we were safe. We had peace as we gave and blessings as we received, hearing “God bless you!” many times. One man blessed us by flagging us down to tell us we were on a one-way street. Oops.

We continued through other areas of the city, watching for anyone sitting or working outside. We had a fun conversation with two boys on bikes who were intrigued by our efforts to help others. It was simple: We just wanted others to know God provides and refreshes. We shared refreshing sips of water with people, but we were soaked in God’s refreshment as we served.

A Prayer for Today: Dear God, thank you for refreshing me. You give me what I need, because you know what I need. I’m sorry I try to define my own needs and get impatient with my circumstances. I get frustrated instead of relying on you. Help me to take my eyes off myself and notice those around me. Give me the courage to serve them in whatever way you lead. Amen.

Excerpted from You Don’t Have to Be a Superhero to Change the World. Copyright © 2015 Group Publishing, Inc. group.com