You Should Know Better

Where did all the information go? My daughters would come home from school, having learned all kinds of new things…things I know I’d learned at some point. The general information was recognizable, but the specific information was playing hide-and-seek in my brain. It would hide no matter how much I’d seek it. Maybe it just got pushed out because of everything else I’d been shoving into my brain since my earlier learning years. I’ve learned “more important” things since then, right?

I can see my report card now:

For Rationalization and Excuse-Making? A+. For Information-Recall? D-.

I’ll even rationalize my report card, identifying the subject as Information-Recall instead of Memory! After all, my memory isn’t bad. I remember all kinds of things. And I see myself as a lifelong learner. I love to learn! I’m not scared to try something new. I’ll figure out how to use a new computer program or how to fix a small mechanical issue.

But let’s be honest. It’s not just about the information. I’m okay with not being able to recite all the U.S. Presidents in order. I’m okay with struggling for a simply multiplication problem from time to time. And while it might drive me slightly crazy when I can’t remember how to spell a simple word, looking it up is more irritating because it takes time than humbling because I can’t remember.

It’s the bigger things that bother me. The things I think I should have learned because I endured multiple life lessons. How many times will I speak before thinking? Why don’t I listen better? And why on earth am I not more disciplined in a variety of areas of my life despite repeated experiences that disciplines pays off? It’s as if I look for opportunities to learn, and I appreciate the lessons…and then I impose localized amnesia on myself.

Oh, when I think of all the things I’ve learned over the years that I should still know and apply!

How about you? What are lessons you’ve learned that seem to slip readily from your mind when you’re living everyday life? What are the banana peels that seem to slip under your feet repeatedly?

I use sticky notes all the time to remind me of miscellaneous tasks I’m supposed to do. Why don’t I use them to remind myself of the lessons I’ve learned and want to continue to apply? As you’re encouraged and challenged by specific Bible verses, right them on a sticky note and strategically place them in your appointment book, car, refrigerator, and any other places you regularly visit.

The Lord is trying to teach the people a lesson; he is trying to make them understand his teachings. But the people are like babies too old for breast milk, like those who no longer nurse at their mother’s breast. Isaiah 28:9

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