Divorce, My Life with God

Tripping Forward

20190530_174952Colorado is one of my favorite places to visit.

  • One of my best friends lives there.
  • I have many good family memories there.
  • I did contractual work for a company there, often traveling to meetings and connecting with some wonderful people.

The first time I traveled to Colorado after my ex announced he wanted a divorce was difficult. But let me back up to a couple trips earlier.

My ex and I had taken a trip to relax for a few days in the mountains then stay with my friend and her husband for a few more days. It was the first time we had all spent time together, and we quickly felt comfortable and even talked about how fun it would be to travel together someday. Then on the last evening with them, my mom called to tell me my dad was be airlifted to have emergency surgery. We made immediate travel plans. It was a difficult night.

My dad made it through surgery, and I got a couple more months with him.

A couple months after my dad died, I returned to Colorado for a time of healing and writing. My friend and her husband gave me a comforting place to grieve and rest. Being in the Denver airport and other experiences of the trip were difficult. The trip was a good one, but it was also filled with many memories of an emotional time.

Fast forward to about a year later, after my ex told me he wanted a divorce. My life felt shredded. A friend and her husband in Illinois bought a ticket for me to fly to Colorado for a time of healing, hosted once again by my good friend and her husband. It was an abundant blessing, yet it was also extremely emotional. I would never again travel to one of my very favorite places with the person I had traveled with so many times before and anticipated so many more adventures with. Being in many familiar places without him seemed overwhelming.

Yet taking a step that associated with the past yet stepped into the future felt therapeutic and strengthening. It was cleansing.

When I recently traveled to Colorado yet again, there were a few memories that involved my ex, but even more that didn’t. Even when I felt a twinge of sadness, it was accompanied by peace. I am enjoying new memories and adventures. I have an abiding joy in spite of the betrayal and rejection. I appreciate my life and the many opportunities I have.

Wherever you travel today, whether near or far, there will be some similarities that remind you of the past and some anticipation that turns your attention toward the future. The two are connected…through the present. Don’t miss out on what is right in front of you. Take a deep breath, savor the moment, and lean forward.

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