My Life with God

The Point of the Path

My husband and I drove as far as we could on the road leading to a point near where we were staying on Oahu. The road stopped short of where we wanted to be. Technically, the road continued, but it was only fit for 4-wheel drive vehicles. We turned around and explored another direction, but our curiousity was piqued and we returned a couple evenings later to walk the road. The sun was setting quickly, so we kept a quick pace. We got as far as we felt was safe, then returned to our parked car. If we wanted to explore further, we’d have to wait until daylight.

We decided to return a couple days later. We wanted to get to the Kaena Point National Reserve. It was only accessible by foot. Since the path was technically a road, it was an easy hike, but we hoped it would be worth it since we could have spent the same time and effort hiking into the mountains. We try to choose our hiking paths strategically to experience as much as we can in an area.

We weren’t disappointed.

We enjoyed views along the road before reaching the national reserve, where we had to enter through a narrow gate, insuring only foot traffic. We continued along the path, savoring natural vegetation, birds and even a monk seal.

The view from the point was breathtaking. We sat and ate lunch on the rocks worn from years of pounding water. We watched the waves crashing into and spraying over the rocks of the coastline. We absorbed the blues of the water meeting the blues of the sky. And while our hike to the location had been quiet with no one around us, others were at the same point. There were only a few, but we hadn’t encountered them before, because they had taken the path from the other side.

Two groups of people travelling from two different areas, meeting at a point for similar purpose for a limited time.

It happens all the time. We come in contact with someone we will never know deeply but have a shared interest or purpose for a brief moment.

The point of our paths is often the interactions God has planned for us. He invites us to enjoy the journey. He exceeds our expectations. He surprises us. He wants us to be attentive, because he knows who is on another path to intersect with us. It’s not all about us. There are people who need us and people we need. We impact each other whether it’s in actions, words, or simple presence. We share experiences with people even when our paths aren’t exactly the same.

God will cross your path with others today. Stay attentive. You will not always understand the significance. You might look for the big moments and ignore the little ones. I assure you God pays attention and is intentional about every detail, large or small.

Serve. Smile. Speak.

There’s a reason you’re at the same place at the same time. Listen to God’s leading.

Jesus said to them, “After you go into the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him into the house that he enters…” (Luke 22:10)

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