Real You

WhatIsRealDevoYou made my whole being; you formed me in my mother’s body. (Psalm 139:13)

Ponder It.
On a scale from 1 to 100, how fully do you believe you embrace God’s purpose for your life?
What qualities do you see within yourself as spiritually admirable?
What qualities do you see within yourself as spiritual embarrassments?

Receive It. God knows every detail about you. He created you, and He did so in His image. God didn’t mess up His design of you, because He’s not capable of making mistakes. To be sure, you’re not perfect. You weren’t supposed to be. Life here on earth is intended to be a spiritual classroom for you, but it’s definitely not a traditional school. It’s a bit less traditional. God wants you to fully become the person He intends you to be. As you seek and know Him better, you become familiar with the image in which you are created. You know the goal to which you aspire because of the standards God teaches. You won’t reach perfection on earth, but you also shouldn’t stop growing. Spiritual growth involves forward motion.

You might be tempted to define yourself by what you know about and see in yourself, but your perspective is limited. You are not the sum of your past and present. No statistical formula can determine your potential by imputing personality, strengths, weaknesses, failures, relationships, Bible knowledge, and church attendance. You are who God says you are, because He created you. He is as invested in you right now as He was when He designed you. He has a plan for you, and while you don’t see the big picture the same way He does, you can trust Him to guide you one step at a time. In order to fully embrace God’s purpose for you, however, you’ll need to recognize His image of you is superior to yours. You’ll need to begin looking in the mirror and searching for His image of you, not yours.

Live It. Look in a mirror and use a dry erase marker to write words on the mirror describing what you believe about yourself. Ask God to guide you in the process of erasing those which are untrue. Add any He speaks into you as reflective of your identity in Him.

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