Real Reflections

WhatIsRealDevoAs water reflects your face, so your mind shows what kind of person you are. (Proverbs 27:19)

Ponder It.
With what has your mind been primarily occupied the past couple days?
When have you experienced a connection between what’s in your heart and what’s on your mind?
What connections between what’s on your mind and your behavior have you experienced?

Receive It. In order to grow in your relationship with God, you must be honest about where you are. Rationalization quickly becomes a habit. Do you catch yourself saying such things as,
Well, at least I don’t do it as often as ______________.
I might indulge a bit in that area, but I make up for it in other areas.
Doesn’t everyone need to let loose every now and then?
God doesn’t directly address that issue, so I don’t think it’s too big of a deal.
Rationalizing doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong, but it certainly indicates what you’re doing isn’t with the best intentions. You might hear yourself ask, “What’s wrong with it?” (or be asked the same question by others) when the more appropriate question is “What’s right with it?” The focus should always begin with God’s perspective, which is good and right. If the behavior, attitude, or relationship you’re considering isn’t God-honoring, it’s not worth your time or effort. It will become a distraction in your relationship with God.

While it’s best to consider the choice you’re making beforehand, you can also take cues of correction as you consider your current behavior – and even your thoughts and attitude. What’s in your mind is a reflection of what’s in your heart, and what’s in your heart will eventually push into your daily life. You can’t suppress what is deep within you, including a passion for God’s truth! When you are consistently pouring through God’s Word and inviting Him to pour into your life with His nourishing presence and provision, you become transparent, and God becomes more visible for everyone around you to experience.

Live It. Choose a heart-shaped item, such as a piece of jewelry, keychain, sticker – or simply draw a heart on a small piece of paper. Choose something you can keep with you throughout the day. When you see the heart, ask yourself, “What’s pushing out of my heart into my mind and behavior today?”

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