Real Trouble

WhatIsRealDevoThat is why we always pray for you, asking our God to help you live the kind of life He called you to live. We pray that with His power God will help you do the good things you want and perform the works that come from your faith. (2 Thessalonians 1:11)

Ponder It.
What kind of trouble are you in right now?
How well do you do at asking for and accepting help?
Is there a difference between the help you’re willing to give and the help you’re willing to receive?

Receive It. We tend to define trouble in a variety of ways depending on what will best meet our comfort. We don’t have to be in trouble to have trouble. Trouble is more than what you get yourself into; it’s part of everyday life. Some trouble is more troubling than others. However, we don’t need to do as much rationalizing as we do. You might have a tendency to distort the smallest trouble into a major trouble. You might prefer to downplay your troubles in light of someone else’s troubles. You might handle big troubles well but buckle under the smallest trouble. You might appreciate being able to help people with worse troubles but then get frustrated that no one is helping you through your troubles even though they might seem minor in comparison.

Are you asking for help? We need to stop comparing our lives to others, and simply start sharing our lives. There will always be people in more and less troubling situations than you. God intends for us to share. When we share where we are and what we need with each other, we give and receive. Scripture says it’s better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35), but that doesn’t mean we never receive. Our focus should be what we can give to others, but God expects us to receive. He expects us to receive from Him. We don’t have what we need without His provision. He also expects us to receive from others, because it’s how they give. You will find joy in giving, but you rob someone of that same joy when you refuse to receive. It’s not comfortable, but you need to ask for help. God intends for us to live life alongside each other, and that includes both giving and allowing others to give.

Live It. Ask someone for help today. It can be something small, but challenge yourself to ask someone you wouldn’t normally ask. Don’t ask your family or employees to do something you’d regularly ask them to do. Step outside your comfort zone, admit the need for help, and ask for it.

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