The Baggage We Want, The Baggage We Don’t

il_340x270.304052686Some of our baggage is burdensome. We wish we could leave it behind, shove it in a closet, perhaps even burn it. The past can be weighty. But there are times we miss baggage.

When my husband and I were on vacation, we met a couple who only had one of their bags arrive with them. The other was lost. They had packed their own suitcases, so all of her clothes arrived but none of his had. (By the way, it’s always a good idea to swap one or two outfits into each other’s bags. Not to mention, pack a change of clothes and basic, trial-size toiletries in the carry-on bags.) Her bag was over the allotted weight, so she had shifted all the toiletries to his bag. They had no toothpaste, shampoo, or sunscreen. They could get the basic toiletries at the front desk, and they found sunscreen in the gift shop…for $30. He also bought the overpriced swim trunks and tank, looking like the ultimate island tourist. As the week progressed, we got updates. Their friends arrived and shared some of their things. They went into town and did a bit of shopping. Then, five days into the trip, the luggage arrived. Somehow, they had to fit all the extras into their two bags to make it home without additional costs.

All our baggage isn’t bad. It gives us what we need in specific situations. We don’t need to carry it all with us everywhere we go, but we’ll certainly miss it when we don’t have access to some of it some of the time.

Sift through the baggage of your life. Don’t pack it all. Take what you need. Don’t burden yourself, but be prepared.

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