What Time Is It?

time-in-your-handsThere is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

God’s Word declares there’s a time for birth, death, laughter, tears, silence, speaking, construction, destruction, and much more. You’ve experienced all these, and in many cases, you’ve experienced them time after time…but not necessarily at the time you preferred.

God chooses the time. We choose our response.

God created time. He knows how it all works together as it passes one moment at a time. We live within the constraints of time. Once a moment is gone, it’s gone. As we stress about the passing moment, more moments pass. God, on the other hand, is outside time, not limited by time. He lives in the right now as well as the near and distant past and the near and distant future.

God knows the timing of our lives and invites us to choose our response. We can be stubborn and self-focused, believing and behaving as if we can grasp onto time and do with it what we want. We can create our own schedules and to-do lists with the assumption we’re managing our own time. In reality, we’re only managing the time God gives us. We stand with open palms as God places each moment into our hands.

Don’t hold the moment too tightly; it will ooze out, and you will lose what God intended. Don’t hold it too loosely, or it will slip between your fingers, lost forever. God chooses time. Choose your response well with an outstretched palm.

Ask God to help you trust Him with the moments He’s giving you.

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