Chasing Light

masterpieceNow this is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you: God is light, and there is absolutely no darkness in Him. (1 John 1:5)

Ponder It.
When have you pursued something you later regretted?
Who are you most likely to follow and believe?
How do you raise questions? How do you search for truth?

Receive It.
Have you ever watched a cat chase a light around the room? Sometimes, we, too, get distracted. We run around, chasing the distraction instead of looking for the source of the light. We need to not settle for just the effects of God’s light but seek and trust Him as the source. We can find entertainment and busyness in distractions; in fact, some of those distractions are related to God, attached to His light. Yet we aren’t going to the source Himself.

We get involved in groups that tell us about God and His Word, but we don’t spend time in His Word ourselves. We trust what others tell us more than we look for answers from God. We go through the motions of serving God because we’re sure we’re pleasing Him, yet we haven’t actually checked to see what He wants us to do. Or, we checked with Him at one point in our lives, and we just assume we should keep doing the same thing. We go through the motions because…well, we just haven’t taken the time to pause, breathe, and check what we’re chasing. If we’re chasing God, we need to turn and search for Him, not chase what we think and assume about Him.

God doesn’t hide from us. He wants a relationship with us, but we have to seek Him. We have to turn toward Him and get to know Him, asking Him questions, baring our souls, relying on Him. That’s how trust is built. That’s how we get instruction. That’s how we know whether we’re following His light or just jumping around like a cat in a room full of chandeliers.

Live It.
Spin around ten times. If you want an added challenge, close your eyes. Then try to do something simple, like brushing your teeth or opening a snack bag. Commit to staying oriented according to God’s plan, not your own.

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