Spiritual Treatment Plan

What are we willing to accept as our spiritual treatment plan? We want to grow up instantly. We want the spiritual maturity we see (or think) someone else has. We want to be able to do what they do. We want God to use us to reach others, to help them, pray for them, make a difference in their lives. We want to be an example for others.

But it takes commitment.

  • We must be willing to be pruned, which isn’t a comfortable process.
  • We must be willing to be refined, and there are some things we’d rather not give up.
  • We need to move beyond the milk stage, and it’s so much more comforting to be fed and stay with what we know than do some of the work on our own.
  • We must forgive, mingle with people who make us uncomfortable, wash people’s feet who we believe are unworthy, sacrifice, be generous…all according to the way God wants us to respond.

Growing up spiritually requires relinquishing control, choosing humility, and trusting God to guide each step of the way.

And it takes…time.

Time isn’t something we usually put in our treatment plans. We’re more accustomed to being able to take action steps to get better. We make appointments, rearrange schedules, buy the contraptions and medicines that will help us. We “don’t have time for this” when something interrupts our plans.

Spiritual growth involves inviting God to interrupt our plans. In fact, in order to grow, we need to ask Him to pretty much demolish our plans. Then, we need to trust His timing.

Growing up spiritually isn’t about an achievement chart. We can’t take classes and graduate and be done. We can’t make a list, even if it’s daily, and check everything off and expect to be done. It’s a process that takes time. And that time must be filled with our attention and intention.

Add time to your spiritual treatment plan, then commit each moment along the way to God. He’ll add in the refining, pruning, and feasting along the way…all in His timing, not yours.

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