Assigned Gifts

indexLook, I have selected your fellow Levites from the Israelites as a gift for you, assigned by the Lord to work at the tent of meeting. But you and your sons will carry out your priestly responsibilities for everything concerning the altar and for what is inside the veil, and you will do that work. I am giving you the work of the priesthood as a gift. (Numbers 18:6-7a)

We receive gifts from God. We like gifts.

God’s gifts are assigned. He designates them to us, as individuals and as communities in which He places us throughout seasons of our lives.

We like the honor, but we don’t always like the responsibility that comes along with the assignment. Assignment feels so…obligatory.

Yes. Our relationship with God includes responsibility. He doesn’t demand it, because He wants our willing response, but as our relationship with God deepens, we better understand the responsibility He extends to us. We accept it more fully. It excites us, yet burdens us, too. We know it is a blessing, and sometimes it feels thrilling, but it also feels confusing and uncomfortable and unrelenting.

When we’re honest with ourselves and with God, we listen for assignments and we let God challenge us to change and grow along the way. We receive His gifts not like we receive annual birthday gifts but as a humble recipient of an award we’re not sure we deserve. We open them with uncertainty of what we’ll do with it but with trust that God is certain and will let us discover the gift and fulfill His assignment one step at a time.

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