My Life with God


50de6fce2b9596cfc111e5bbced8ba12We often wait a long time for revenge, to pay back what has been done to or slighted of us or someone we love.

Absalom didn’t say anything to Amnon, either good or bad, because he hated Amnon since he disgraced his sister Tamar.

Two years later…

Absalom has planned this ever since the day Amnon disgraced his sister Tamar.” (2 Samuel 13:22-23a,32b)

Through the time we wait, the revenge, discontentment, and anger takes root. It not only affects us but also others. Whether we realize it or not, what is going on inside of us spills onto others, and it’s not pleasant. It might make us feel good, but feelings betray us. We might think we’re allowing for a safety release, but what we’re releasing isn’t safe. We might think we’re justified, but taking control rarely is. Self-control that’s God led? Yes. God-control? Yes. Control based on our own limited understanding, strength, and feelings? No.

Whatever is eating at you from the inside out is too much for you to handle. But it’s not too much for God.

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