The Power of Words

a5c18d16393601.562ab10c526d0Words are powerful but not in and of themselves.

We all realize the adage that “sticks and stones can break our bones but words can never hurt us” isn’t true. Words can hurt.

And words can build us up. So can sticks and stones. They are excellent building materials.

What we think is constructive can be destructive and vice versa.

The power of words can be the manner in which we give or receive them. We can assign or dismiss much of the weight.

And as we trust God, we come to realize the power isn’t just ours to determine.

In recent months, I’ve noticed how the same words can contain different power and impact, not because of the person who delivers them to me but because of God’s purpose. God-filled words spoken to me are so much more powerful then very similar words that are spoken from a worldly perspective.

For instance, I’ve heard the words “you’re strong enough” many times. Sometimes the words seem empty. They float through the air and don’t nourish or fill me, just like those puffy cheese snacks. They might taste good for a moment, but they don’t stick with me or equip me to do much.

Other times, those same words are as much of an energy boost as banana after a long run.

Same words, different power.

We don’t have to determine the weight of the words we receive. When we trust Him to do so, God boosts or drains words of their power. He determines their truth and timing. He entwines them with our purpose and path.

He decides the sticks and stones (and words) that build and those that destroy. And both building and destruction are important to us. We simply don’t have the right perspective and authority to determine all those details.

Good thing God does.

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