Building Up Others

I enjoy working with teams of people.

I enjoy serving others, equipping them to come together as individuals and accomplish things as a team that they could never do on their own.

I enjoy equipping others.

I’ve had several opportunities in recent months, working alongside and on teams to get big tasks done.

While I appreciate others’ “thanks,” I don’t rely on them. And to be honest, too many thanks makes me a bit uncomfortable. After all, I’m simply doing what needs to get done for us to all come together and take the next step.

I had received several thanks from individuals on the team. It was enough. Seeing them feel confidently prepared was enough. But just before the event began, they came together and thanked me again.

I tried to graciously say, “You’re welcome. It’s been a joy.” But I knew I was sheepish as said the words. Someone said, “I think Susan is one of those people who likes to help others but doesn’t want much recognition.” He let me off the hook. He basically gave the final “thank you” with a period. No need for anyone to thank me anymore for what I had done.

Building up others is good work but tricky at times. We can have mixed motivations and mixed responses when we receive (or don’t receive) recognition. We need to keep ourselves in check as we build other up. And we need to keep ourselves in check as we give and receive thanks



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