My Life with God

Playlist Revisited

y0FMUpYWWhat we pour in revisits us at just the right time.

I have a playlist for the past year of my life. It’s a mixture of songs, verses, and nuggets of truth that have nourished and soothed me at some of the darkest moments of my life. There is one set of Scripture that I read aloud, usually multiple times, before I’d get out of bed in the morning for months. There are songs I’d play on repeat while on long walks to let the truth of the lyrics strengthen my steps. I can’t begin to express the healing power and life-changing strength truth can have.

But all days haven’t included the same lyrics and verses, the words on repeat. They have sustained me, not because they were right in front of me, but because they had become a part of me.

I go in spurts between listening to music while driving and travelling in silence. Recently, I turned on the car radio for the first time in a while. The three songs that played on my brief drive were from that playlist – songs from several different artists released at different times but coming together to remind me of some important truths in that moment. The next day I got in the car just in time for a song to begin, and it was yet another one from my playlist.

I smiled, and I turned it up. Really loud.

Words of truth return with good timing.

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