My Life with God

The Long Way

14b05fd150799debee927269bfc9dffa--country-roads-country-lifeI missed my turn.
It was dark, and I hadn’t been to the venue before, so I listened to my GPS, but I still missed a turn. I thought about turning around and trying to find the turn from the opposite direction, but I followed my GPS, which advised I take the next right. I then drove a mile, took another right, drove another mile, took another right, and basically drove in a huge square.
I think turning around might have been faster, but fast isn’t always the goal.
Sometimes we don’t need to turn around. Sometimes we might need to take a different path, even if it’s the long way. We might end up at the same destination, but our experience of the journey can reveal some things about ourselves, others, and our surroundings that we just might enjoy and need.

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