My Life with God

Entitled Understanding

photo-1477071135119-a6b75c21aebcI’ve noticed many people, some I know personally as well as strangers I come in contact with, expressing frustrations about others not considering what’s going on in their lives. Sometimes the frustrations are valid; someone important in their lives are truly ignoring them and not trying to understand. But there are many situations in which people don’t understand what’s going on in our lives because we don’t share. People aren’t mind readers, soul readers, or heart readers. Sure, there are clues, but can anyone be truly, fully aware of what’s going on with someone else? And when that feeling of entitlement  comes, when we feel as if someone owes us the compassion of trying to put themselves in our shoes, can we honestly say we are doing the same? Do we know and understand what the other person is going through, or do we just want them to be familiar with us and our lives?

Get outside yourself today. Refuse to assume. Refuse to claim entitlement.

Ask, listen, respect, and support.

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