My Life with God

Relational Walls

photo-1516282501885-60c7d2269088Sometimes we tear down walls like Jericho, and sometimes we rebuild or strengthen them like Nehemiah in Jerusalem. Both involved community. Jericho’s walls fell after a group of people worked together, and Jerusalem’s walls strengthened because of people working side by side. Both involved time, trust, and anticipation. I imagine both involved doubt and apprehension, too.

It’s only with God’s guidance that we can know whether we are to tear down relational walls or rebuild and strengthen them. Only he knows what is important to keep out and what is important to keep in. Only he knows how those things shift over time. We can trust him to guide us through the shifts, through the building and tearing down. We can trust his strength, wisdom, and power in either circumstance.

Perhaps that’s the most important thing. Whether we are strengthening relational walls or breaking them down, are we relying on God through the process?

2 thoughts on “Relational Walls”

    1. Thanks. It might even prompt a whole line of thinking about the times when God leads them or us in what seem to be opposite directions or actions, yet following him always ends up in a deeper relationship with him.


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