My Life with God

A Real Shelter

20180303_141541“I knew immediately that this was not ‘just’ a park shelter but a REAL shelter.”

I had sent a friend a photo of the beautiful day in the park in reply to her sharing an outside photo of the day. I had taken the photo on my previous walking lap to send to another friend with whom I share significance in the specific shelter.

Because of all the open-hearted conversations and prayers my friend and I had shared over the years, I rarely walked by the shelter without a sense of peace, as well as a prompt to pray. I found comfort in the history, and most importantly, the consistent experience of God’s presence.

Yet I rarely sit under the shelter.

Real shelters are more than a roof under which we have to position ourselves for protection. Real shelters are more of a portable shelter that moves with us. We choose how to position ourselves and where to abide even as we move through many places, stages, and circumstances of life.

I am thankful for God’s presence and protection wherever I go.

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