My Life with God

The Average

photo-1485797460056-2310c82d1213It rained a lot overnight. A lot. In fact, it stormed: lightning, thunder, wind, and rain.

Did I mention the rain?

It was still pouring when I woke up but lightened by the time I left for work, which is when I noticed my street was flooded. I could still get to work, but there was ample water everywhere.

Many social media friends posted photos of flooded areas. Most the water would recede by noon, but the rain definitely inconvenienced people who had to take alternate routes to work or stay home to pump and clean basements.

A couple days earlier, I heard several people complain about the heat and our need for rain. It wasn’t too long before that when people were complaining about bitter cold weather.

In general, we don’t like extremes. We don’t like discomfort or inconvenience. We want rain but in well-paced and convenient amounts. We forget to take a step back and consider what we’re experiencing in the context of the average.

It’s not just weather. We respond similarly to the trials of life. We feel they’re ill-timed and overwhelming. Yet if we’re willing to consider the average – how experiences fit into our lives – we can appreciate the overall provision. We don’t like the flood, heat, cold, wind, but we keep it in context. We don’t like the pain, grief, betrayal, but we keep it in context.

And we find glimpses and moments to appreciate.

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