My Life with God

Glow In The Dark

ScriptureArt_0617_-_Matthew_5_14_ESV_English_157x157I want to glow in the dark.

I want to be a light that pierces the darkness.

I don’t want to avoid the darkness. I don’t want to be consumed by it. I want to be a difference in and from it. I want to expose it.

I have been in dark places, sometimes by my own choosing and other times by the choices and condition of those close to me. I have felt the chilling cold of darkness and smelled its stench. I have seen a deep darkness in the eyes of someone I loved.

Darkness is heavy, frightening, and invasive. No one is immune from it. We can slip into it a little at a time. We can choice it. We can refuse to acknowledge it. Pretending it is something it is not doesn’t change darkness.

Light matters.

Know light. Know darkness. Know the difference.

I choose light. I invite it into my life to expose any darkness within me. I invite people into my life who will expose any dark places in my life. As I empty myself of dark and yield to light, I become that light for others.

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