My Life with God

Pure Prayer

photo-1502101872923-d48509bff386I stood at the front of the church as everyone worshiped. Several of us spaced ourselves across the front to be available for anyone who wanted to worship in prayer as well as song. I struggled as we moved into the song. I didn’t want to be distracting, but I rarely stand still during worship songs. I wanted to pray for people I could see throughout the room, but I didn’t want to close my eyes then miss someone who walked forward to pray. I didn’t want anyone to be self-conscious that I was facing them in the room.

I reminded myself why I was standing there – to worship and invite others to do the same, to be available to others but, most importantly, to God.

Throughout that song, several people stepped forward. Praying with each of them was a blessing. It was an interaction of trust and fellowship. It was humility and faith in action.

It was pure prayer, coming together and opening up to each other and to God.

It can be challenging, even daunting, to pray, especially with others or in front of others, but aren’t the daunting challenges often the things that help us grow the most? Whatever you are facing today, consider the courage God is giving you for it. Set aside your distractions, excuses, and assumptions, and lean into God. Instead of trying to control it or figure it out, choose to trust him. You might experience his comfort or his challenges, but either way, you will experience him as you trust him.

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