Divorce, My Life with God

The Misunderstanding of Truth

photo-1422246358533-95dcd3d48961…our misunderstanding…

It was an interesting way to frame the implosion of our marriage. Quite the understatement. But we sometimes reshape things to make a situation palatable for ourselves. I’ve done it at times, too. And it has never turned out well.


Yes, we sometimes need a reframing in the short run as a survival method, but when it becomes our ongoing coping strategy, we’re in trouble. A huge warning sign is a morphing of recollection, a story that changes in a way that downplays our issues and highlights our rationalizations.

It hurts others. It hurts us. Deceiving ourselves and others never ends well, even if it gives us relief for the time being. Truth is not painless, but when worked through, it becomes an invitation into freedom.

Truth can be misunderstood, but more often, it is rejected, ignored, or modified.

But truth isn’t modeling clay that bends to our pokes and prods and impressions. It is the mold into which we squirm and explore and rest. Truth impresses upon us. When we seek it well, we become familiar and (at least more) comfortable with it.

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