My Life with God

Well-Timed Friend-Time

photo-1491438590914-bc09fcaaf77aIt was a perfectly timed night with two good friends. We had planned it a month or two earlier. It was a risky plan for me, knowing it was near a huge deadline at work. That day, I thought I might have to back out when work got busy, but I was able to slip away.

Not only did I get to spend time and catch up with good friends, but I also savored a night of worship. The music was outstanding. A large group of college students led, taught, shared, and worshiped. The auditorium was filled with a variety of people, and every now and then, I glanced around and appreciated how different I felt from many of them, yet how similar we all were.

God highlighted specific lyrics to remind me of his promises. He used music to soothe my soul. He used people’s teachings and stories to reveal his character to me.

And I soaked in his presence.

On the drive to and from the venue, my friends and I shared life. We talked about plans, struggles, and celebrations. I knew the next morning and work would come quickly, but for several hours, God calibrated my soul, mind, and heart.

Reality checks are good. They help me live a spiritually and emotionally healthy life.

I am thankful.

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