My Life with God

Sharing Life

photo-1520082379916-7cf029de2c1fI want to encourage others, but the choice to share my life isn’t simple or easy at times.

I recently read a post from a fellow blogger who called out a troll who was downright mean with her online comments across multiple social media platforms. Those of us who share our lives online expect some of that, but when it gets vicious, it’s difficult.

People who share their journeys online do so for a variety of reasons: to create community and connect with others, to provide resources and conversations, to elevate awareness, or to record a personal journey through a particular season of life. My primary goal continues to be to encourage others.

In order to encourage others, I constantly consider what I should share and how I should share it.

  • What words will communicate encouragement in the best way?
  • Am I sharing out a healthy enough place so that my struggles and pain won’t become a distraction?
  • Yet, am I allowing my struggles and pain to show in an appropriate way to which others can relate?
  • With every single word I write, am I standing firmly on truth and authenticity?
  • Are my motives for sharing pure?

I want to help people through my words, even when those words traipse through my worst. It’s a challenge much of the time. But don’t we all deal with that challenge all the time? Maybe you don’t put glimpses of your life online, but what are you sharing with others in everyday life? How intentional are you about doing life with others? What standards do you use when choosing what, when, and with whom you communicate?

What’s your motivation, and what impact are you having on others’ lives today?

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