My Life with God

Using My Gifts

target-cleaningI recently posted about my daughter’s housewarming gift. She hadn’t given it to me yet. We’d simply talked about it. I expected to receive what I requested: a Swiffer Wet Jet.

I did. In a basket. With a few other cleaning supplies. And a second basket with more cleaners. And a third basket with more soaps and household items.

I will use it all. It might take me a while though!

Some gifts are beyond what we expect. My abundant gift invites me into an abundantly clean home. I will settle in well.

Every abundant gift invites us to use it well. I know people who set aside gifts and refuse to use them because they are afraid something will happen to the gift, which somehow might taint the memory of the moment or the relationship with the gift-giver. Of course, not every gift is as practical or regularly used as baskets full of cleaners.

What if I kept my Swiffer Wet Jet in the box because I didn’t want it to get dirty, or I didn’t want to risk something happening to it? What if I handled the gift as if the security of my relationship with my daughter was dependent on my protection of the gift?

It sounds silly, because it’s cleaning supplies, but there are many gifts intended to be used and enjoyed that get set aside. Use the gifts you receive – from people and from God. We use and steward what we value. If we don’t use what we receive because we want to preserve it, we might assign a value that slips into idolizing.

Receive well.


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