My Life with God

Simple Comfort

59087143_1568345376634224_4971139360507297792_nMy writing retreat always includes a couple candles. It’s one of the items we keep on the recommended packing list. We didn’t think of candles the first year, but we quickly found we like a few touches of home in our rooms, including a comforting scent.

This year, I packed two candles. My oldest daughter gave me one, and my youngest daughter gave me the other – the one pictured.

Choose Happiness.

We were shopping and found some candles on sale. I’m fairly particular about the candle scents and quality I burn. I also like a good price. I began to pick up each sale candle. I disliked several of the scents. I disliked several of the messages on the jars. But this one was a win-win.

Choose Happiness.

I could have bought it for myself, but since Christmas was coming, I generously hinted to my daughter. And – surprise! I opened it at Christmas. I decided to set it aside for the retreat and use it for inspiration.

It filled my room with comfort.

Sometimes simple things can bring us comfort and inspiration. Perhaps part of it was the anticipation and freshness. Both candles provided a sense of encouragement as I wrote.

What are you surrounding yourself with today – small touches that might be impacting your day, positively or negatively, more than you realize?

Choose well. Choose happiness.


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