My Life with God

Plans Change

photo-1542583633-aa0b0e378e2eI planned to spend a Sunday afternoon at my mom’s house, working on a few spring projects. But the forecast said rain. We’d have to adjust and do some inside projects. The day before had been a perfect outdoor work day, but I couldn’t make it that day.

The forecast changed. The rain held off until after dark. We got most everything we wanted to get done that day. Most of the things we did are projects my dad would have done. In fact, we undid some of his handiwork, dismantling a dog pen.

As I was removing dozens of screws and carrying tin and boards, I thought about how life changes, just like the weather changed. We can expect clouds and get warm sunshine. We can expect sunshine and get a sudden storm.

We can work through whatever weather we experience. We won’t be excited about it all, but there is value and purpose we can embrace – sometimes tightly and joyfully and other times reluctantly.

I miss my dad, but I enjoy the times my mom and I can spend together. I probably drive her nearly as crazy as my dad did at times, since I sometimes don’t listen well to her ideas – even though I usually find out she is right.

Do life well with others regardless of the weather today. Get work done, and bask in the sunshine. Hold the umbrella. Take cover in the storm. Together.

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