My Life with God

Chili Bricks

photo-1499875395796-e3e818009e23Not everyone uses chili bricks to make chili, but my family does, and in my opinion, we make some darn good chili. The chili bricks were made by a local family-owned grocery store. I’d stock up when I was in my hometown.

Right after Christmas, the owners announced they were closing. It’s always sad for a family-owned business to close. They did a lot for my hometown.

I asked my mom to grab as many chili bricks as she could. She bought most of them. I asked her to request the recipe. She said that might be pushing it. I thought about it and agreed. As sad as I was about losing my chili brick source, the more pressing concern was a family closing their business and employees needing new jobs.

Surely, I could figure other chili options. My routine was disrupted, but in the big scheme of things, it didn’t matter.

As it turned out, the family published the recipe in a local newspaper as a “thanks” to the community for the support through the years. They had received many requests. Although it is cool to have the recipe, I’ll probably never attempt making the bricks. The recipe makes way too many. I doubt they would taste exactly the same. I will just make my own adjustments in other ways. It’s minor in comparison to the adjustments the family, employees, and regular shoppers have to make.

And really, aren’t we all constantly adjusting? Especially as we are growing. Choose well through the process. Your attitude and compassion matter.

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