My Life with God

Hidden Beauty

photo-1521875236586-02756e2e55dbSeveral people met me at my new house to jumpstart the painting process, and one of my best friends let me know her young daughter wasn’t happy to not be included. She wanted to paint, too. I’m sure I could have found a job for her, and as it turned out, I did.

My friend asked if she should paint shelves in the closet. That seemed silly to me. I’d just clean them and leave them as is. No one was going to see them. But I decided to send one home, so her daughter could participate in the painting process. She could paint it however she wanted. Well, except for glitter. I didn’t particularly want my clothes to be showered in glitter.

A couple weeks later, my friend and her daughter brought the shelf to me. It is beautiful. She apparently sat outside in the sunshine and painted for a long time the afternoon her mom took it home.

It is too pretty to stick in my closet where no one will see it.

Or maybe that’s exactly where it will do my heart the most good.

Sometimes it is in the hidden places where we can truly find the most (or least) beauty. I like knowing there is a gem in a hidden place in my new home. I like knowing someone cared enough to paint beauty and encouraging words of truth on a simple board that no one sees.

I am thankful for the reminder of the importance of what is in our hidden places.

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