My Life with God

Tattle On Yourself

photo-1506704810770-7e9bbab1094bA friend asked if I had any suggestions on how she could deal with her spiritual stubbornness.

It might seem odd, but the only suggestion I had at the time was basically, “Tattle on yourself.” I’ve found it helpful. Basically, when you don’t want to talk with God, when you don’t want to acknowledge him or do what you know he’s prompting you to do, when you prefer to do things your own way and make your own truth, say it out loud. But always tack a “because” on the end.

God, I’m angry with you and don’t like you right now, because…

I don’t want to, and I’m not going to listen right now, because…

I’m doing things my own way right now even if you’re offended by it, because…

You won’t always have the words to express the “because” at the end of the sentence, but that’s okay. You don’t have to actually finish the sentence, but the “because” prompts us to consider there’s a reason. Sometimes it’s a valid, well thought through answer. Other times, it’s a ridiculous one.

It might seem uncomfortable to say these kinds of things out loud, but that’s sort of the point. Sure, God knows what you’re processing, but hearing yourself say it often prompts a dose of reality. It might take some time to make a change, but claiming the truth will at least help you face it.

Sure, you can be stubborn, but at least admit you’re stubborn. You might be angry; admit it. You might pull away from God; be honest about it. Know what you’re choosing and know the consequences.

Most the time, when you’re consistently honest with yourself and God, the truth will eventually put your temper tantrum, pity party, or self-absorption in context, and hopefully, prompt you to change.

Today is a good day to tattle on yourself.

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