Divorce, My Life with God

Limited Influence

photo-1561130295-9fb41506007fWe influence from where we are.

I’ve written often about being intentional about our health – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – in order to have the best relationships we can have. We influence people well when we are living well. Not perfectly but authentically, leaning forward toward growth.

A friend and I recently talked about how we need to not place conditions on our influence. We don’t need to excuse or compare the advice we give with our experiences. For example, I am not less able to give quality relationship advice because my ex chose to walk away from his family and toward something else. And I have the added context of being a strong woman of faith through a difficult time. Perhaps the people I influence now will need that example someday and will look back on how I handled a horribly hurtful situation and be encouraged that they can survive, heal, and thrive.

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t give perfect advice. But I – and you – can share life with others with honesty and humility and, in the process, encourage them to face any situation with patience, grace, and courage.


6 thoughts on “Limited Influence”

  1. Thank you for sharing Susan. God uses our journey to help others despite the outcome. He dies the qualifying for His purpose and not man. Keep sharing. You are a blessing to the Body of Christ!

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