My Life with God

The Key to Remembering

photo-1549549649-910ebed6890d“Remember what God says he can do.”

I agree remembering who God is, what he says, and what he promises are all important. We get easily distracted and don’t keep him as our focus and filter in everyday life. But even if we are able to set distractions aside, there’s a deeper key to remembering. Before we can remember, we have to know. We have to seek. What are we doing to intentionally pursue and know God well – not just know about God but personally know and interact with him? Without a strong core of truth, we are a bit flimsy as we face life’s uncertainties. We have difficulty remembering much of anything when life is chaotic in the middle of a storm, but we certainly can’t remember what we don’t even know.

Pursue truth. Build trust with God. Ask powerful questions, so you are always in pursuit of powerful answers. You will never know it all, but knowing the God who knows it all provides the security of a solid foundation of faith.

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