My Life with God

While They Take Root

20190903_095150I saw this sign on the grounds of the 911 Memorial in Manhattan.

It seems like common sense. Don’t trample what is taking root. Don’t disturb what needs to settle in order to grow. Unless, of course, what is taking root is something unwanted.

How intentional are we about what we plant and cultivate in our lives? Do we rely on the seeds too early and do damage by putting pressure on the sprouts? Do we ignore weeds that need to be pulled before they take such deep root that we need to disturb all sorts of soil and plants around them? Do we recognize young growth within others around us?

Of course, I’m not talking about plants but people. Everyone around us is growing – in some ways that are healthy and some that are not. How are we responding? And how are we tending to our own lives? What sign do you need to post?

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