My Life with God

Not So Healthy

photo-1418874586588-88661ed80c4a“It might not be healthy, but it’s how I get the job done.”

I cringed.

I get it. Sometimes we need to “get ‘r done,” and we take whatever shortcut we can to survive it, but shortcuts aren’t as beneficial as we think. They might seem to cut off time, money, and energy, but they often shortchange us in the process.

If we can admit something we’re doing isn’t healthy but we’re using it to make some sort of progress, we’re taking a step in the right direction. Or we’re standing at crossroad to either continue to choose the unhealthy way that helps us get something done at a cost or to choose the cost of developing better strategies despite the required increased effort. Taking the healthy route is costly. It’s intentional. It’s humbling. It’s authentic.

As you’re standing on the crossroads of rationalizing and settling into an unhealthy path or sacrificing some comfort but knowing the long-range view will be worth the cost, take your time. Don’t rush through the decision. It’s important.

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