My Life with God

Yard Work

photo-1496198388318-c31659bd4113I borrowed a pair of loppers to trim the low branches of a tree. I had them for several days and needed to return them, so I determined to take care of some outside jobs after work one day. It was a gorgeous evening to be outside.

I thought I only had a few small branches to trim, but when I stood back to look at the tree, I decided to give it a more thorough haircut. That meant cleanup took a little longer. It was a good night to mow, and a few windows needed cleaned even though I knew they’d get dusty soon again with nearby harvest approaching.

I barely finished as the sun sunk beneath the horizon. But it was a good night.

Yard work is one of those maintenance things that can get out of hand easily. There’s so much that fits into that category: cleaning drains, changing air filters, purging the frig and freezer. The list seems endless.

But those very things that seem annoyingly constant are typically simple routines that require little time and effort, just a bit of consistency.

What about your routines of maintenance? What’s slipping past your attention? What are you avoiding? And why?

Of course, it’s not just about your house but your life. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally…what needs more consistent time and effort right now? Today is a good day to begin.


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