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More Treats Than Tricks

photo-1542761923-d1909278b75dI moved earlier this year, so there are a lot of firsts to experience in my neighborhood. I wondered how active my block would be at Halloween. In my town, we trick-or-treat for two nights. It seems to be the general guideline in most the surrounding towns. I suppose it gives families some flexibility, and I know several who go out and about one night then stay home to enjoy doling out treats the other night. This year, neither night was pleasant weather. The second night was expected to be cold, but the first night was surprisingly chilly and rainy. I was well-stocked, or so I thought. I assumed I wouldn’t have a lot of visitors since we don’t have sidewalks on my street.

I was wrong.

I didn’t turn on my outside light until about an hour into the designated time, because my granddaughter was at my house for a while, then I had some things I needed to get done without interruption. I felt bad as I saw some lights of walkers and slow-driving car escorts. But there was still plenty of activity after I turned on my light.

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday, but I’ve always found at least a bit of fun in it. This year was especially fun. It’s great to be in a neighborhood where there’s a lot of activity. Even though I gave out treats from the comfort of my warm, dry home, seeing so many lights on and watching a steady stream of families and friends was refreshing. I felt part of the community.

I felt at home as I answered the door over and over, smiled at the kids and their parents, and added to the piles in bags and buckets.

What a great reminder to live well within your neighborhood and welcome people to your home.

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