My Life with God

Calculated Risk

photo-1467767948442-c93fe4473f6cThe second night of trick-or-treating in my town was a cold one, but at least it wasn’t as rainy as the night before. However, enough rain had fallen and filled the ditches. And the water was cold.

I heard a couple people nearing my house. It sounded like they were close, so I opened the door to greet them. I didn’t realize they were still in the yard. The older brother stood on the driveway, trying to instruct his sister to not attempt to jump the water in the ditch but to walk around.

She looked between him and the ditch, then she went for the jump. Only she slipped on the wet grass and slid into the water, which reached her knees. I hustled to grab a couple towels and ran out to help. The dad jumped out of the car, trying to put the pieces together of what happened. The brother lectured with I-told-you-so, and the girl simply picked up the candy she could salvage, accepted a towel and some candy from me, and was ready to continue the evening. She had attempted an adventure, which didn’t end up as she planned, but she was okay with that.

I returned to the warmth of my house with a smile. Her attitude impressed me, and her sense of adventure reminded me that everything we try isn’t going to work out. But that doesn’t have to frustrate or deter us. Maybe our calculations are off when we consider whether or not and how to approach something. But once we make the decision, we can own it, deal with the consequences, take responsibility, and move on.

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