My Life with God


photo-1564121211835-e88c852648abI was at an outdoor community event, and I was hustling along the sidewalk, when I heard a few quick steps behind me, a touch on my arm, and my name with a question mark at the end.



Thank you for your ministry, for sharing your journey, for being vulnerable. My journey isn’t exactly like yours, but seeing you live an authentic faith encourages me.

Wow. God’s timing was impeccable.

I have no idea how this person connected with me, but I’m confident God nudged her that day. When I sense I’m in the center of God’s will, I don’t feel the need to receive others’ affirmations, but God uses those affirmations at times to remind me of the purpose and to renew my commitment. (He also works through negative feedback as well.)

Encourage someone today. Try to choose someone who might not expect it. Your encouragement matters.

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