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The Anticipation of Christmas

photo-1545447890-6cccfe02c9c5I shared my Christmas decoration experience from last year. This year is different. I am in my new home. When I moved, I intentionally stacked my Christmas boxes and tubs in an easily-accessible corner of the garage. I planned to decorate (most likely) Thanksgiving weekend.

But my house has now been decorated for two weeks.

I’m not usually the put-it-all-up-early person, but one thing led to another. I’d been thinking about where I’d place the tree in the new home. I had a plan, but what if the tree didn’t work where I wanted it? What if my furniture didn’t work when I tried to rearrange it? I wanted to make sure there was plenty of space for the family gathering.

So, I rearranged and put up the tree. I decorated it then shifted a variety of things around my house in order to fit nativity sets and other decorations. I keep decorating fairly minimal, but it still involves moving the normal stuff around. The only thing that didn’t get done that day was hanging the stockings. I needed a certain kind of hooks and picked them up the next day.

I like it all. It’s cozy. It’s simple. It’s my home.

So what if it will be up through Thanksgiving? So what if I get a bit tired of it before it’s time to take it down? So what if I’m one of “those people” whose Christmas tree lights are already visible to those who drive by?

It warms my home and my heart.

Christmas is a time of traditions for me, like many others. And so many of my traditions have been significantly altered in the last few years. As I decorated, many memories flitted in and out of my mind—some heart-warming and some heart-crushing. But the joy of the present and hope for the future is overwhelming.

I am looking forward to Christmas. I think the anticipation is sometimes the best part. I feel as if my home is ready and filled. I also know it will overflow with even more memories and moments in the coming month and years.

Perhaps having my Christmas tree up a little early is a good reminder to (1) give thanks for the hope and anticipation of Christmas even when there are pieces to it that are not what we expect or understand and (2) experience Christ through Thanksgiving and every other day before and after Christmas.

2 thoughts on “The Anticipation of Christmas”

  1. My aunt in Alton IL passed away Thursday evening and her memorial service was yesterday afternoon, so my husband and youngest daughter and I made a quick road trip back. That took my much needed weekend for preparing for a family gathering we are hosting next Sunday but I wanted to be there for my cousin, her youngest son whom I have always been very close to. But before we left I managed to at least get my mother’s Precious Moments nativity put out on my mantel. And hubby got the tree up…with lights…so that’s a start…
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family, and blessings to you in your new home.

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