My Life with God

A Dealer

photo-1505231509341-30534a9372eeWhat are you dealing? Sure, we might associate dealing with something not so great, such as, drugs, but broaden your view. We all have possession of something we want to share for one reason or another. Perhaps it’s for our own benefit, and perhaps it’s for someone else’s benefit (or detriment).

Shouldn’t you know what you’re dealing? Perhaps you’re dealing what you prefer not to deal, but without intention, your default settings are kicking in and don’t influence people well.

I recently read a post about someone who wants to be a hope dealer. Yes, that sounds great to me.

I want to be a hope dealer. I want others to not just see hope in me but experience hope through me. I want to be overflowing with hope so that others can’t help but see it and grasp it and run with it.

Hope isn’t just wishful thinking. Hope is the truth of God. Hope isn’t easy to grasp, accept, and apply, but it is always worthwhile the pursuit and anticipation.

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