My Life with God

Group Think

photo-1558683139-3ee31dae2261I was not the only one in the car wash line the day before the weather was supposed to get cold and messy. Many of us wanted to take the opportunity to clean our cars without the doors and windows freezing shut.

I sat in the line and wondered, “What is the tipping point of group think?” Since the group is made up of individuals, perhaps it’s simply, “What is the tipping point to spur each of us to action?”

Sure, it’s different for each of us. We have different motivations. We talk about how we’d do something if only we…had more time, had more energy, didn’t have to work, didn’t have health issues, had more support, etc. But there’s a tipping point. Always. Sometimes we tip toward status quo, and sometimes we tip toward action. Sometimes we tip toward rationalization, and sometimes we tip toward accountability. Sometimes we tip toward others, and sometimes we tip toward ourselves.

We tip.

Where are you tipping toward today, and what is your trend? What do you need to change in order to tip toward doing that one next thing that is good for you and good for others and, most importantly, good to God?

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