Divorce, Family, My Life with God


photo-1533745654343-b28b0d2f8f03aFour generations of girls got together—not all of us but one from each generation. We spent a casual day together. We ran errands, meandered through shops, enjoyed lunch in a favorite place, and played. We talked and planned and reminisced. We savored the day and built more memories.

Not everyone gets that opportunity. Connections are broken through death, distance, and disagreements. I don’t take connections for granted. I know the pain divisiveness causes. I see it often in my loved one’s faces. I feel it deeply in my heart and soul.

Not every break heals. But some do. And some become stronger because of a break somewhere else. When relationships go beyond needing each other into choosing each other, we invest at a deeper level. We choose to be together. We choose to be flexible with each other. We choose to be respectful, to laugh, to wait, to give, to receive, and to love. We choose to work through the tough stuff. We choose to heal. We choose compassion and patience, accountability and honesty.

We have a lot to learn from each other. We have a lot to give each other. Sometimes we learn and give the wrong things, but we can grow even through those experiences.

Whether it is family, friends, neighbors, or acquaintances, choose to share life with generations before and behind your own. Not all the legacies we give or receive are ideal, but when we’re intentional—when we’re faithful—the legacies we give and receive can change us well, grow us well, and connect us well.

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