Divorce, My Life with God

Not Your Issue

photo-1562879713-daa93a860ca5I greeted the first person who arrived for a meeting at my house, and we chatted for a couple minutes before the next person arrived. He jumped right in by asking me a question that had nothing to do with our meeting but something else we have in common. In my response and explanation, I said, “It’s my issue…”

He interrupted. “Just stop. It’s not your issue. Some of the stuff that’s wrong isn’t your issue but the fact that someone else chose and is choosing not-so-great things.”

He wasn’t wrong.

Perhaps by claiming something was my issue, I was reflecting on how I was responding to it and the choices it was leading me to make—the ripple effects of someone else’s choices. I don’t like to openly blame others. Yes, I believe it’s critical to place responsibility where it lies, and it is only when I can honestly see what others are doing and the effect it has on me that I can adequately determine my next best steps.

Regardless of what someone else decides and what choices that takes away from me or what situations it places me in, I still have choices—choices that come with responsibility. I will take responsibility for those choices. It might not have started as my issue, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not my issue, and I deal with the consequences and take responsibility for my own choices.

Do not avoid—the truth, reality, responsibility, and opportunity. No matter what. Engaging in life is an important part of your faith; keep it in the context of who God is and what he is purposing for you.

He always provides.

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