My Life with God

Free Drinks

photo-1574607383476-f517f260d30bI’ve previously shared my frequent habit of picking up a fountain drink when I travel or am going to work in the office for the day. Every now and then, I run into a friend’s husband at my favorite convenience store. They live nearby, and he works nights, so he picks up a drink on his way home for her to have through the day. Every now and then, he’ll pay before me, and I’ll get to the counter to find out he paid for my drink. I’ve repaid the favor a couple times.

One recent morning, we arrived at the convenience store at the same time and chatted while we fills our drinks. He shared his wife’s plans away from the house for the day and a funny story of how she drove right by the store that morning but still asked him to make a special trip for her. Of course, he was kind enough to oblige. He told me he would get my drink; I said thanks but I’d like to pay for his and his wife’s. We bantered about appreciating each other’s thoughtfulness but insisted on each paying. I got to the counter first, and as I started to pull out my money, the cashier told me both our drinks were paid for.

What? No one else was in the store. How did that happen?

It happened because the cashier paid for our drinks. She had been listening to us and wanted to treat us both.

That is something that had certainly never happened before. I was running a little late that morning, and taking time to chat—while it’s what I wanted to do—delayed me even more. What a small yet brightening act of kindness to experience first thing in the morning.

It doesn’t take much to help someone. Be generous today. Listen well, pay attention to people, and be a blessing.

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