My Life with God

In It Together

photo-1541877717761-bae17660826bI said it to a friend facing a difficult season: “I’m in it with  you.”

I’ve said it to close family.

I said it to my ex when he was diagnosed with cancer.

In the past week, I’ve heard it on a show and in a song, then I heard myself speak it to my friend. I paused and made a mental note to mull it over later when alone.

It’s a blessing—being in life with someone through the tough stuff and the joys. It’s an experience of connection and commitment. It’s a willingness to take action and be intentional in moving forward. And it’s disappointing when someone who has spoken it to you walks away.

Connection and commitment are powerful as people follow through—and when they don’t.

I’ve been there. It’s not easy. But one person walking away from you doesn’t leave you alone. There are others in your life that truly are in it with you. Perhaps this season is light on community, but this season doesn’t define you.

Be intentional about being in it with others. Recognize the power of connection and commitment. Know there is an ebb and flow. Commit to authenticity and humility.

Step in.

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