My Life with God


A friend posted two photos she snapped while walking.

The sun and moon, both in the sky, only minutes (yet miles) apart. I know it happens often, but it nearly always pauses me. I feel so small in the context of seeing the sun and moon in the sky. I stand on a minuscule piece of this planet. Others all over the planet live at the exact same time as I do but in very different situations. Yet we share the same sun and moon. The same system of air and water. We live together yet very far apart. Sort of like the moon and sun (and planets and stars)—together and connected yet very far apart.

I am in awe of the vastness of God’s creation—the beauty, power, peace, and provision. And in that vastness is minuscule me. Yet I am connected to and together with so many others. Some I know, and others I don’t. And God is aware and capable and concerned of it all.

It’s easy at times to get into our own little worlds and forget the perspective of it all. We live as if everything is out of scale instead of letting God give us a glimpse of who we are in the context of his creation.

Look around together, and be reminded of how small we are and how big he is—and how much he cares. Yes, for you.

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