COVID-19, My Life with God

Fresh Air

photo-1433087870301-b85d84efc18aI climbed on the ATV to gather some sticks and trim a few branches at my mom’s house.

There’s something about being on the ATV that calms me. I slowly moved from one place to another to get the work done. Each time I moved along the dirt road or across the grass, the air on my face energized me.

I’m not sure why. I supposed it’s complicated. In part, I have memories on the ATV with my dad. Instead of being sad on the ATV because I can no longer ride with him, it feels familiar and comfortable. It’s also freeing: open, clean air plus a little bit of speed gives me a boost of energy. There was the added bonus that day of getting a bit of work done.

I think we all have those places or activities that loop in our past and provide energy for our present and future. Walking a specific trail, putting together a puzzle, creating something, organizing something. Maybe it’s something you haven’t yet discovered.

Now would be a good time to savor something familiar and energizing. It can be something small. Consider something silly you enjoyed as a child—finger painting, bubbles, dancing in a sprinkler, molding Play-doh. Something you enjoyed with family or friends who you can’t be with right now. Then do it. Find joy in it.

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