My Life with God

The Truth of Hope

photo-1505231509341-30534a9372eeHope does not come from hiding. It doesn’t come from delusion. It is revealed with truth.

It is only when we’re willing to seek truth, let it change us, and grow into it that we live in full hope. It is freeing. It doesn’t solve all problems. It doesn’t make everything comfortable. Hope relies on and reflects the truth. And truth is always infused with hope.

Finding hope and finding truth are journeys. They are interconnected and continual. But as we know God, we know both hope and truth.

Sometimes we see the two on a continuum, as if we can’t fully have both at the same time. We might think of truth as understanding or knowledge, something we can gather and gain then depend on without wavering. But hope seems more fluid. It is often misconstrued as what we grasp onto when we can’t grasp understanding or knowledge. I’ve heard many people say smart people don’t waste time with hope or faith, and those who choose hope and faith aren’t smart enough to know truth.

That’s not true—even if you hope it is.

Seek both hope and truth simultaneously. Let God surprise you with their relationship.


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